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Brief history about our order
St John Leonardi was born in Diecimo Lucca in Italy. He trained as a Pharmacist. As a result of the joy he derives in teaching catechesis to children and his devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary, he desired to give his whole life time to this mission. In pursuit of this, he abandoned his pharmaceutical profession and entered the seminary to train as a priest. He was ordained priest on 22 December, 1571 and on 1 September 1574 in the church of santa Maria Corteorlandini he founded the congregation which he named Order of Mother of God. and in 1604, Pope Clement VIII approved the constitution of the Order. In 1607, St John Leonardi together with Mons Vives and P. Funes founded the Propaganda Fidei. He died in the year 9 November, 1609 and was canonized saint by Pope Pius IX on 8 March 1861. His feast day is on 9 October in the breviary.The Order is in many parts of the world including – Italy, Chile, India, Indonesia, Colombia and in Nigeria.

Our Motto

Con Cristo misurati le cose (measure all things with Christ)

Rev Fr Stephen Oduh OMD

Rev Fr Stephen Oduh OMD

Delegate Superior

I welcome you to the Order of the Regular Clerics of the Mother of God, our congregation is a Religious Order of Pontifical Right. It was founded by St. John Leonardi in the year 1574, in a village called Diecimo in the Archdiocese of Lucca, located in the region of Tuscany in the northern part of Italy.

Matthew 19:13-14 and Mark 10:14

“let the children come to me, do not forbid them, for of such is the Kingdom of God”.

The Order is known and unique for its CHILDREN and YOUTH apostolate.(with the motto “Catch them young for Jesus Christ”)

You’ve been created with gifts and passions to use. Join our leonardian lay movement (LLM) and sponsor a seminarian for God.

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Guiding Words for Living

“Proclaiming the Good News

of God’s Sovereign Grace”

The message of The Faithland is that Christ saves sinners. In light of

that, we steward a message that radically changes lives. We will

therefore preach, teach and train people to live out its implications in

Rev Fr. Stephen Oduh OMD

Delegate Superior