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St John Leonardi

St John Leonardi was born in Diecimo Lucca in Italy. He was trained as a Pharmacist. As a result of the joy he derived in teaching catechesis to children and his devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary, he desired to give his whole life for the mission.

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Very Rev Fr. Anthonio Luigi Piccolo, OMD

The Order of the Regular Clerics of the Mother of God is a Religious Order of Pontifical Right. It was founded by St. John Leonardi in the year 1574, in a village called Diecimo in the Archdiocese of Lucca, located in the region of Tuscany in the northern part of Italy.

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Very Rev Fr. Eneji Emmanuel Eneji,OMD

Our founder, St. John Leonardi was made Patron Saint of Pharmacists by Pope Benedict II. In line with this, we have hospital and Pro- Life apostolate. The Order is known and unique for its CHILDREN and YOUTH apostolate. (with the motto “Catch them young for Jesus Christ”) Through a specially organised pastoral programmes we revive, structure and build the faith of young ones from childhood through the adolescence to the youth stages of life.

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