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Order Of Mother of God(Leonardian Missionary Fathers) is an International Religious Order founded by St. John Leonardi in 1574. The Order has been in Nigeria since 2002. She has indigenous Priests and Seminarians. The Order is into Children and Youth apostolate.
One of the challenges of the Religious Order is the training and sponsorship of her seminarians who are on formation for the Ministerial Priesthood. We hereby call upon the good people of God, those who wish to support the spread of the Gospel by training Missionaries to ‘Ve part of Training and Sustenance of Our Seminarians’.

                                       You can be part of this in the following ways:
-FULL SPONSORSHIP: To cater for a whole tuition fees and welfare of training one or more Seminarians for either part of his training or throughout the entire duration of his training for the Catholic Priesthood and Religious Life.

-PARTIAL SPONSORSHIP: To contribute part of the total cost of training a Seminarian as regards either his tuition fees and/or welfare.

-CO-SPONSORSHIP: Two or more persons, or families or an association(operating at any level e.g. Parish, diocese) can jointly sponsor the training of a Seminarian.The sponsorship can be periodically(e.g. monthly, quarterly, bi-annually or annually). The contributions or donations can be in cash or kind(material gifts).The name of the prospective sponsor(s) will be made known(to the candidate concerned):at the appropriate time(e.g on the occasion of his Solemn Profession/Priestly Ordinations), or otherwise remain anonymous, depending on the preference of the Sponsor(s).


Our Contact

Very Rev Fr Stephen Oduh(OMD).
Delegate Superior, Order of Mother of God, Nigerian Delegation.
Amakohia, Owerri Imo State.

Our Bank Account Details
Account Name: Order of Mother of God
Account Number: 0004339376

Bank Name: Access Diamond

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"For some are sent to the mission by preaching the mission while others are sent by supporting the mission".

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